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The Dragon Dash is coming up on June 7th!

Click here to get more information!

Families can:

1. Print out the registration form by clicking here.

2. Click here to register online.

3. Go to www.mettleevents.com click on the Calendar tab, go to June and click on Register on the Dragon Dash listing.

Healthy Brain Tips

1. Get enough sleep. Your brain needs rest for you to learn.

2. Make healthy food choices as often as you can...fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, salads, protein like yogurt, and whole grain carbohydrates like muffins. Your brain and body need good food for fuel.

3. Drink water. Your brain needs water for you to learn.

4. Move your body. Exercise, dance, run, ride your bike, swim. Your brain needs oxygen for you to learn.

5. Give your brain a workout. Try new things. Sovle another puzzle. Tackle a tough problem. Read a different book. Learn new words. Your brain likes new things and likes to work to solve something.

6. Play, sing, or listen to music. Music makes you feel good. Feeling good helps you learn. Your brain likes to be stress-free.

7. Remember that you change your brain every day by working hard to learn. As you work, your brain builds better pathways, or roads, for learning. The more you PRACTICE something, the EASIER it becomes to do.

Check out Luxford's Awesome Running Dragons!

Week of April 4th

Yearly Running Data

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(Each day)

9 hours of sleep

5 fruits and vegetables

no more than 2 hours of computer screen or TV time

1 hour of exercise

0 sugary drinks

Northern Virginia Healthy Kids Coalition." 'Northern Virginia Healthy Kids Coalition' N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2014.


Mindset Pledge

I have a fantastic brain. I take risks and learn from my mistakes I will train my brain to be fit and strong. I do not give up because The harder I try without giving up, the more I learn. Today, and everyday, I will stretch and shape my brain.

2013 Student
Supply List
Physical Education Tool

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